Monday, wednesday and friday 06.30-21.00

Tuesday and Thursday 12.00-21.00

Saturday and sunday 10.00-19.00

We are open (almost) as usual! Read our Infection control measures before you visit us.

Finally even more good news! We are approaching normal conditions 💙

✔️Everyone is welcome to us again (regardless of where you live)

✔️ Mouthpiece is recommended until you come to the showers

✔️ those over 20 years are allowed to train together in groups of 20 prs.

✔️ 1 meters distance .

PS: follow the infection control measures and we will continue like this.


In addition, the known infection control measures apply to us (see also other news): 

  • we facilitate – you as guests are required to follow the rules
  • we have a maximum number inside the facility at the same time. This means that in the event of a large influx, there may be some waiting time. Feel free to use our entire opening hours – and use the entire facility.
  • face mask is recommended until you come to the showers
  • all guests must register – either digitally (via the app / website) or on physical lists at checkout. Please write clearly and remember phone number!
  • keep 1 meter distance
  • restriction regarding persons at the same time in sauna, whirlpool, outdoor bath – see signs inside the facility
  • bring your own towel to sit on in the saunas
  • the ice machine, the steam room and the play-room will be closed for the duration of the pandemic
  • the power in the flow channel will not be on when there are many guests in the waterpark
  • maximum 10 guests per table
  • we will politely point out any visible violations of the infection control rules


Otherwise remember to swim a lot! The virus does not like chlorine 💙



Summary of the most important factors to prevent spread of virus:

  • Sick people should not be present – if you are sick, stay home until you are well again!
  • Keep 1 meter distance. We make arrangements, but it is your responsibility to follow up.
  • Face mask is recommended everywhere in the “dry zone”. Use it all the way to the shower zone, then it can be removed. You also do not need to wear a face mask inside the waterpark itself.
  • Good hygiene is important: Wash your hands often/use antibac – sneeze into armpit/paper.

Mouthpieces: face masks is rtecommended “everywhere” in the dry zone, can be removed in the shower and waterpark.

Use the entire opening hours: from experience, there are not so many  guests early in the morning, and late in the afternoon / evening.

Use the entire facility: keep your distance – be patient – wait your turn – show consideration for others.


How do I buy tickets? How should I act when I arrive at Pirbadet?

  • Buy tickets in our app/website. Personal information can be used for infection tracking.
  • You may buy tickets at the reception, use card. Provide your name and mobile number. This is due to infection tracking.
  • Use the ticket at both the entrance and exit, so we can control number of guests.
  • There is antibac in the outer corridor – use it and rub your hands thoroughly!
  • You are welcome to the shop, but we ask you not to touch items you are not going to buy.
  • Follow distance markings on the floor – keep 1 meter distance (always) – wait for your turn.

General rules in Pirbadet:

  • Tables, chairs and sunbeds must not be moved.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap/water before/after using the toilet, use paper towels.
  • All our bath toys have been cleared away and will not be available during the pandemic.
  • You may bring your own bath toys/personal equipment, but these must not be lent to others.
  • Be aware of our yellow «bucks»/posters – they have information about max. numbers on some of the attractions. Please respect the restrictions and wait for your turn.
  • Where there are stairs, you must keep a distance of at least 5 steps to the next person.
  • Wait your turn, be patient and keep your distance: at least 1 meter – always! 
  • The steam sauna will stay closed. Bring your own towel to sit on in our other saunas.
  • The ice machine in the wellness department will not be able to be used during the pandemic, as one of our infection control measures
  • The play-room will not be open during the pandemic
  • Only one person on the slides and on the diving board at the same time
  • We set aside lanes in the 50-meter pool for both active swimmers and exercisers. Stick to your own lane and swim to the right of the lane. Do not swim close to others.
  • The «mountain»-attraction can occasionally be used. Do not climb close to others and watch out for others before jumping.
  • Only one person on each climbing route in the climbing wall.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!
  • Remember that chlorine water is also disinfectant 😊 Bath a lot!


  • We meet the current requirements for restaurants that apply to Trondheim municipality.
  • There is antibac at the entrance of the cafe. Use it and rub your hands thoroughly.
  • We encourage everyone to buy food/drinks with a mobile phone. Information is on the tables.
  • If you can’t buy with mobile phone, you may buy at the checkout. Use card as payment.
  • Max 10 people on children’s birthday parties and at each table.

When I’m going home, how do I act then?

  • Remember to use your ticket on the way out. If you have lost your ticket contact the reception.
  • We hope you had a nice time and that we will see you again soon 😊