Monday, wednesday and friday 06.30-21.00

Thuesday and thursday 12.00-21.00

Saturday and sunday 10.00-19.00

Message from The Infection Control Office

Today, 12.01.21, we recieved information from the Infection Control Office in Trondheim, and the following sms goes out to everyone who has been in Pirbadet on Sunday 10.01.21 at 17.00 and until 19.00:


If you were in Pirbadet on Sunday 10.01.21 at 17.00 and until 19.00, you may have been in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with covid-19.

You are not quarantined, but we ask you to take a test 6-8 days after you were in Pirbadet, regardless of whether you have symptoms. Register for the test via electronic registration via the municipality’s website. It is important that you keep distance from others until you get an answer to the test.

If you have new symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, headache, lethargy, decreased sense of smell or taste, muscle aches or sore throat, you should stay at home and contact the Infection Control Office in Trondheim, tel: 9050 9052 (corona phone) for advice.

If you are health professional or work in kindergarten or school, we ask you to report to your immediate supervisor.

If you have registered your name on behalf of others when you were at Pirbadet, please pass on the information in this message to everyone in the group.

With best regards,

The Infection Control Office in Trondheim».

For the record, we would like to point out that the person who was diagnosed with covid-19 has only been in Healthbath 2 and in the men’s wardrobe. The person has not been in close contact with any of our guests.

There is nothing to indicate that the person is infected by wisiting Pirbadet!

We are sorry to hear that one of our guests has been diagnosed with the infection, and we hope for a quick recover. We keep in close contact with the Infection Control Office, and follow the advice and guidelines they give us. In consulation with the Infection Control Office, it has been decided to keep the facility open. Pirbadet has strict cleaning routines and follows FHI’s advice and guidelines, as well as having a seperate infection control guide for bath- and swimming facilities.

Pirbadet takes your safety seriously and is confident that the chief infection control officer has made the right decision: it is still safe to visit us.