Monday, wednesday and friday 06.30-21.00

Thuesday and thursday 12.00-21.00

Saturday and sunday 10.00-19.00

Some closed attractions, but the waterpark is still open!

We have to empty the Sports pool (50 meters pool), as several tiles have come loose.

This work started Friday 08.01.21, and the entire pool is fenced in. We will work hard and fast, but the problems are bigger then excpected 😱.

This means that the Sports pool is not available in the period from 08.01 to 05.02.21, consequently the diving tower or the “Mountain” cannot be used either.

(be aware that we can not guarantee that the work is finished by 05.02.21).

On Friday 05.02.21, the pool will reopen with warm water.


Unfortunately, our outdoor pool will also be closed during cold periods.

As a part of our infection control measures, the steam sauna is closed and there are some restrictions on the number of guests in, for example, whirlpools – see signs inside the facilities.


But: everything else is open as usual 😊

We have strict control measures, few guests, high humidity, high temperatures and lots of chlorine.

Welcome 😊