Monday, wednesday and friday 06.30-21.00

Thuesday and thursday 12.00-21.00

Saturday and sunday 10.00-19.00

We are still open as usual!

Dear guests.

We now receive many inquiries from you.

Most people ask if we are still open since it is written in the media that bathing and swimming facilities can be closed.

At the press conference held by the government on Sunday 03.01.21, there were no national measures aimed at bathing and swimming facilities, but there may be local measures if the infection rises further.

We will keep you continuously informed when new information arrives from Trondheim municipality or the authorities in general. Please read news on our websit or follow us on Facebook

For now, we are open as usual 🙂

When it comes to different courses or exercice, you will receive a message from the course instructor or your club if there should be any changes.

We would strongly encourage everyone to follow the infection control advice we have learned:

  • Stay home if you are not healthy
  • Wash hands often and well
  • Keep a good distance, et least 1 meter (!)

There is nothing to indicate that there is any increased risk of staying in a bathing facility

– quite the contrary: we have high humidity, warm temperatures both in the air and in the water AND we have chlorine, which is disinfectant in itself.