Monday, Wednesday and Friday 06.30-21.00

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.00-21.00

Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-19.00

Information on how the closure may have affected you as our guest regarding card, tickets, classes etc.


  • Annual card, half year card and clipboard:

Alle types of cards will be extended by the number of days we are closed. This will happen automatically when we know how long the corona situation will last.

  • Monthly subscription

You can stop your monthly subscrition in our app or on our website whenever you want. If some of you have not done that yet, we will stop it for you and refund the periode we have closed Pirbadet

  • Single tickets purchased in the App or website:

Single tickest or gift cards have no expiration date.

  • Birthdays-bookings:

We cancel your booking during the closing period. You will receive a cancellation confirmation by email from us over the next few days.

  • Adult swim and crawl classes:

Course hours are postponed for the time being. You will be contacted by the course coordinator when we know when we can open again.

  • Watergymnastics:

We will publish on the website when it will be possible to book water gym again.

  • Exercise and Sports:

Training for sports is postponed for the time being. Contact your sports club for more information.

  • Hire of pool:

Hours in the pool are postponed for the time being.

School Swimming:

School swimming is postponed for the time being.