Monday, wednesday and friday 06.30-21.00

Tuesday and Thursday 12.00-21.00

Saturday and sunday 10.00-19.00

Important factors to prevent spread of the virus. Read this thoroughly before a visit at our facility.

As of today, there are no facts indicating that swimming leads to a higher risk of getting infected by the virus – welcome to Pirbadet 😊

Pirbadet follow the guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public health, NIPH (FHI). We use the Communicable Diseases Guide for the swimming industry, along with the fact that we have been in dialogue and inspection with the Environmental agency in Trondheim municipal. They are satisfied with the measures we have implemented. You can get further information at the end of the document regarding what we at Pirbadet have done, but first is some information concerning what you, as a guest in our facility, can (and have to) contribute with!

Summary of the most important factors to prevent spread of the virus:

  • People that are ill is not to be present – if you feel sick, stay home until you are healthy!
  • Keep at least a distance of 1 meter– always. We will facilitate this, but it is your responsibility to follow up.
  • Good hygiene is very important. Habits that prevents spread of the virus (developed by NIPH and the Health and Care Ministry (HOD):
    • Paper tissue: in front of the mouth and nose protects others when you sneeze of coughs. Throw the paper tissue after use, then wash your hands.
    • Use your elbow: when you need to sneeze or cough and do not have a paper tissue available.
    • Wash your hands: often and thoroughly, especially when you have been with other people.
    • Hand disinfection: with alcohol is a good alternative when regular hand wash is not possible, for example on travels.
    • Facemasks: please use it if you are unable to keep 1 meters distance ( remove when  you enter the shower and waterpark)

How am I going to purchase tickets? How should I behave when I arrive at Pirbadet?

  • We encourage everyone to buy tickets, either through our app- or our website. In case of a situation with spread of the virus, we have to use your personal information that you have in the app/on the website. This is due to tracking the virus.
  • If you are not able to purchase a ticket through our app or the website, you can buy in our reception. If so, we ask you to use card as payment method.
  • Everyone who buys tickets in the reception have to provide us name, phone number and mail address before they enter the facility. This is due to tracking the virus.
  • All our guests have to use their ticket both when entering and leaving the facility. This is because we need to have control on the number of guests in the facility at all times.
  • There is antibac in the outer corridors and the foyer that everyone should use. Alternatively: bring your own antibac and rub your hands thoroughly!
  • You are more than welcome to take a look in our bath shop, but we kindly ask you not to touch items you do not plan to buy.
  • Follow the markings of distance in the floor – keep at least a distance of 1 meter (always) – wait in turn.


  • Everyone must shower without clothes and use soap. Rinse well.
  • If you wish to use a hairdryer you need to bring it yourself. We do not lend out these during this current situation.
  • Follow the directions on the floor regarding distance. Keep at least 1 meter – always!

General rules in Pirbadet:

  • Tables, chairs and sunbeds are not to be moved. They are placed with correct distance – 1 meter.
  • Tables, chairs and sunbeds are not to be reserved.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after you have been to the bathroom and use paper towels.
  • All of our bath toys have been removed and will not be available as long as the pandemic lasts.
  • You are allowed to bring your own bath toys, but this are not to be lent to others.
  • Personal equipment of all kind should not be used by anyone else besides you.
  • Look for our yellow posters – they contain information about many important things – please read them
  • For some attractions it is max. number of guests – se posters. If it is filled up you must wait
  • Where there is stairs you have to use: keep a distance of 5 steps to the next person
  • Be patient and keep your distance: at least 1 meter – always!
  • The Steam Room will remain closed for the time being.
  • You must bring your own towel to sit on in our other saunas
  • Power in the flow channel/The Stream will not be turned on during the pandemic
  • The Paly-room will be closed during the pandemic
  • Only one person in the slides and only one person on the diving board at the same time
  • We set off courses in the 50-meter pool for both active swimmers and exercise ethusiasts. Stick to «your» lane and swim right into the lane. Don’t swim near others
  • The «mountain» may occasionally be used. Do not climb close to others, and watch carefully before jumping
  • Only one person on each climbing route at the same time in the climbing wall
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Remember that chlorine water is also disinfectant 😊 Bath a lot!


  • We always meet the current requirements for dining-places that apply to the municipality of Trondheim
  • At both entrances to the cafe (dry and wet) there is antibac that everyone should use. Alternatively: bring your own antibac and rub your hands well, both before eating and afterwards
  • We encourage everyone to buy food/drink with your own mobile. See information on the tables
  • If you cannot buy with your mobile, you may buy at the desk. We then ask you to use creditcard as payment

So when I go home, how do I act?

  • Remember to use your ticket on the way out, so we can register that you have gone home. This is how we get control of how many guests are inside the facility at any given time
  • If you have lost your ticket – please contact the reception
  • We hope you enjoyed your stay, and that we will see you soon again 😊

Here you can read about what we have done so fare to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • All bathing facilities are already subject to very strict cleaning and hygiene requirements in accordance with current regulations for bathing, pool, saunas etc. (FOR-1996-06-13-592)
  • Our employees have a strong focus on the cleaning routines in the plant. We have further refined our hand hygiene and all cleaning routines. These are now adapted to the infection control supervisor for the bathing industry
  • We have hung up posters all around, both our own shower rules and posters that focus on habits that prevent infection (prepared by FHI og HOD), as well as signs with maximum numbers of people in saunas, jacuzzis, outdoor swimmingpools etc. Look for yellow «bucks» with information
  • All our employees have been trained in new routines and the infection prevention supervisor for the bathing industry, and they have taken new life-saving tests
  • Antibac stations have been set up at the entrance to Pirbadet and to the cafe
  • We have floor markings for a distance of 1 meter, as well as floor markings in the wardrobes
  • We have put in extra staff to regularly clean all surfaces, empty garbage disposal and wardrobe checks
  • Plexiglass is installed at the reception and in the cafe, to protect our employees from possible contamination
  • No employees are currently ill, and should anyone become ill they must stay home
  • Our employees practice FHI/HOD’s habits for infection prevention measures
  • We have placed restrictions on the number of people who can stay in our guard room or staff room at the same time