Monday, wednesday and friday 06.30-21.00

Tuesday and Thursday 12.00-21.00

Saturday and sunday 10.00-19.00

June 15 we can finally open up again :-)

We are so incredibly happy 🎉

On June 15, we can finnaly (!) welcome you all back to Pirbadet 💙

However: there will be restrictions, especially regard to the use of wardrobes and showers, as well as the number of guests at the same time. And maybe we need to change our opening hours a bit.

We work with FHI to establish an infection prevetion supervisor for bathing og swimming facilities.

More info to come.

Everything will be fine again 🥰

Pirbadet is still closed, but….

As is well known, all bathing facilities in Norway were closed by the corona-regulations by the authorities on 12.03.20, and we must still remain closed. As of now, we do not know when we will be allowed to open again, but the government will hold a press conference on Thursday 07.05, where they will present a timeline for the gradual opening of society. We are eagerly awaiting the result! The Minister of Health has previously stated that they prioritize socially critical activities and children/young people first, and consequently we fear that we will fall down a bit on that list.

But: we open as soon as we have the opportunity, and we look forward to that day 🙂

We will inform you via social media, such as our own website, Facebook and Instagram, as soon as we get good news!

Take care of each other and stay healthy until we see you again